Win or Lose, I Have Already Succeeded In Accomplishing My Objective


Win or Lose, I Have Already Succeeded In Accomplishing My Objective

by Frankie S. Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report


My plan is working and I have achieved my objective.

As many of you may or may not remember, I jumped into the Venice Mayoral race head first because all too often the politicians are walking into office unopposed.  As a community, we need to challenge them and remind the politicians that they need to work towards our best interest as a community.

Do you realize that just under 20% of the candidates walked into their office unopposed within Sarasota County this election cycle?   I am not talking about just basic association or hospital nominations, we are talking about nominations that have an impact on the community such as:  County Sheriff, edmun Supervisor of Elections, County Commissioner, County Judge, and the School Board.

When these candidates run unopposed for an office, they essentially get to just walk into their political office, with an agenda that does or does not conflict with the majority of constituents.  Yes, they get a pass.  They do this without getting out and talking to the community, to see what the communities needs are and if their agenda is what the majority of residents want from the office the candidate seeks.

The politicians walk into the offices unopposed thinking that it is a sign that the constituents agree with their agenda.  However, in most cases that is not the real reason they are running unopposed, as I have covered in a previous article.

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By running for Mayor of the City of Venice, I have forced the Mayor to get out and talk to the community.  My goal is to force him to get out there and realize that the constituents want controlled development, sensible spending, and some more transparency.

Well it is working.  I received an email from a source today, that told me the Mayor showed up for a Chamber meeting.  This is somebody that attends these meetings on a regular basis.  The individual stated that they never see the Mayor at the meetings and thought it was odd that now he is showing up, since he is up for re-election.


That is why I wanted an individual to step up against Councilwoman Gates and Councilman Daniels.  I was willing to cover your fees and push the  candidate through my media outlets, but that was not enough incentive.  So, now both of them get to walk into their office and continue with their pro-development approach that has left the city with an infrastructure that can’t handle the growth.

Unless more individuals step up and challenge these incumbent politicians, our voices will continue to be ignored at the local, state, and national levels.

If I win this mayor race, then great, I will follow through with my position on the issues that I have held for years and I will be a great Mayor.  If I lose, well that is fine too.  I will continue to keep the heat on the politicians and I will do it with a larger following, that I have picked up from running for office.

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In my mind, I have already won and I can declare success because I have forced the incumbent politician to get out and listen to the people that he represents.



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