Warning: Judges Creating “Affirmative Right to Immigrate”


Warning: Judges Creating “Affirmative Right to Immigrate” – New American

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In the name of stopping Donald Trump, the courts are not only endangering Americans but could be ushering in “the end of the United States in any meaningful sense.” They’re doing this by creating, out of thin air, an “affirmative right to immigrate,” says senior Conservative Review editor Daniel Horowitz.

As happened with President Trump’s first immigration ban, federal judges recently blocked his second, trimmed-down ban. This is not just a gross abuse of judicial power, but, reports WND.com:

He [Horowitz] explains the federal judges who blocked President Trump’s immigration order are challenging the most fundamental aspect of American sovereignty.

“Even President Trump’s original orders were grounded in precedent and statute,” Horowitz told WND. “But these federal judges who have issued a halt to President Trump’s new executive orders have gone even farther [sic]. Not only did they simply refuse to address the legislation that gives Trump the authority to issue these orders, they started creating new rights out of thin air, which gives practically everyone in the world a future affirmative right to immigrate to the United States. Obviously, that means the end of the United States in any meaningful sense.”


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