The Sarasota Anti-Trump Rally Was A Gathering Of The Ill-informed Influencing The Masses



The Sarasota Anti-Trump Rally Was A Gathering Of The Ill-informed Influencing The Masses


By Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report


At the rally I stopped to talk to Lt. Jaress with the Sarasota Police Department. I have known Lori for over 30 years and we graduated from VHS Class of ’85.

Funny thing is, when I came up, she said hello sir. I don’t think she recognized me at first with my hat on……. I said sir, really…………..

Back to the point of this article. I am a big guy and it is rare to have people mess with me, due to my size and reputation as being a bit of a bad ass. Not being cocky, it is just the facts. Due to a few “love not hate” extremist that send me emails announcing their desire to see me six feet under, I now conceal carry.

Yesterday I decided not to, which is where Lori comes into the picture. I was talking to her about some of the concerns that the SPD had with the event, such as open carry individuals showing up and I told her that I decided to leave mine at home because the environment was not conducive to being armed.  The last thing I wanted to do was upset someone and have the situation escalate, which I thought may just happen.

It was surreal standing within a group of what the “major media” is calling 800 protesters (I put the number at about 300), that were not friendly towards anybody that did not share their extremely progressive views.  Many of the protesters that showed up seemed as though they were good people that wanted their voices to be heard.  However, the extremist yellow sign protesters cast a shadow over them.  Sorry, unlike SNN, I refused to interview their leader or promote her site, since she seemed to be more interested in spreading nonfactual propaganda.

If you watched the video, I interviewed a few people.  I would allow them to make their point and if it was not accurate, I would politely correct the record.  If they were accurate, I would let them continue on with their thought.  A few of their points were very valid.  Then there were individuals, like the one that called me a Nazi, that only wanted their views to be heard and shouted down any opposing views.

This is Francesco Saverio Abbruzzino and I am live in Sarasota Florida. This is a stop trump agenda rally.I did talk to an officers that I know and the primary concern is not the locals, but the people that are being brought down from Tampa and other areas. Apparently many of them come down with open carry, stating that they are going camping or fishing. Completely legal, but concerning. They're known to walk around with a ak 47's.Also, after what happened yesterday in Philadelphia, they're a little concerned. So they're checking for loose bricks and suspicious people.Remember to visit my web site at The Uncensored Report With Francesco Abbruzzino

Posted by The Scoop News w Francesco Abbruzzino on Saturday, February 18, 2017

So, after a few interviews and then standing there and correcting the speaker into my live video feed, some of the extremist elements started to make comments and give me the old evil eye.  Finally, a few people suggested that I may want to leave or not stand in the middle of this group, where it was not that safe.

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Like I started to say it was surreal.  Like one person emailed me asking, what were you thinking going there by yourself and standing in the middle of this group opining on issues that they oppose.  I found myself standing within this group of 300 to 800 people that all despise me for my views and that just did not want me there.  I must admit that a few times while standing in the middle of all these individuals, I did have concern for my safety.  Any individual could have easily came up behind me and knock me down for a typical red shirt beat down.  However, it did not happen.  Civility reigned.

Where were the Trump supporters?  Where were the counter rallies?  I saw the “local major media” there, but why were they showcasing the struggles, versus challenging the miss-information?

Many of them knew my views from following me and from the word that began to spread among the group.  Many of them invited me over for a debates, which were a healthy exercise in democracy.  I did not agree with the speakers and their views, but this is America and that is what freedom is all about.  It just saddened me that so many were listening to inaccurate information and feeding off of it.

A good example is Eleuterio, who apparently is a politician.  He decided to
conduct some fear mongering, when he told the crowd that Trump was sending out 100,000 national guards after illegals.  This is a fake news story that they AP inaccurately put out.  The draft was a document that was started under the Obama Administration and never acted upon.  Yet, the left leaning AP put it out there stating that that Trump was going to use the guard to round up illegals.  Also, he pointed out the raids that led to the capture of 700 illegals.  Yet Obama has deported more illegals than any other President and this operation was set in motion, prior to Trump taking over.  Spreading fake news only leads to spreading fear among the illegal community and is a form of fear mongering.

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These same people tried to call me out, when I stated that there were Mexican, Transgender, LGBTQ, and fascist flags at the event, but no American flags.  So, he put up a picture of mine that has an American flag drawn up on it.  Then he insinuated that I was lying.  Sorry, but my reference was to a flag waving in the air and not some cardboard drawing, which was placed on the ground by the way.  Also, it was covered, so the individual had no idea what was written on the cardboard with the flag.  This is the dishonesty that some of these individuals used to bring more sheep into their flock.

Bottom line is that I found most the protesters either did not know why they disliked Trump, could not give me a specific issue in reference to the sign they were holding, or were agitators that were out their pushing their red shirt agenda.  There were kids and ill-informed adults there that took the speakers words as gospel and will probably only rely on FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS for their news in this information war.

I will continue to fight this information war and will not be intimidated by some red shirt extremist progressive, calling me a Nazi.  I just hope that this revolution does not turn out like it did in Germany back in the 20’s.  The red shirt communist was running the streets with their propaganda and they were using the same form of intimidation on people, which we are seeing today.  That led to the brown shirt Nazi’s taking to the streets and the rest was history……………..

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