Terrifying Video Shows Cops Pummel Small Boy as He Screams in Fear


Terrifying Video Shows Cops Pummel Small Boy as He Screams in Fear – Free Thought Project


Woodlawn, MD — A disturbing video uploaded to social media this week shows cops attack a boy as he sits on the curb after he was threatened by another student. The boy, 16-year-old Alonzo Cox had just been the victim of a knife assault, according to witnesses.

The Baltimore police department is now investigating the use of force after the video caused un uproar.

On Wednesday, police were called to respond to a fight across the street from Woodlawn High School. When they showed up, no one tried to run and Alonzo sat down. As the video begins, Alonzo, whose voice has not even broken yet, appears frightened and didn’t immediately comply with the female officer when she grabbed him.

Because Alonzo pulled his hands away, the officer jumped on top of him and began dropping elbows into his head. At this point, Alonzo is so frightened that he balls up in the fetal position. That’s when the much larger male officer joined in on the pummelling.

Alonzo’s screams for help are disturbing.

On Thursday, according to Fox News Baltimore, Alonzo admitted he could have cooperated more, but said he began to fear for his life.


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