Sarasota is not alone when it comes to controversial Trump signage


Sarasota is not alone when it comes to controversial Trump signage

by Frankie S. Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report


Sarasota is not alone when it comes to controversial Trump signage.  Well controversial, depending on whom you talk too.

Dennis Weaver with After Hour Bail Bonds has been putting up pro-right signs for some time now.

Back in May, he upset many in Venice with his Obama count down signage.  Dennis was not too worried about any backlash from the concerned left leaning individuals, that may be upset with the signage. He stated back in May, that the sign will remain up there and he will continue to count the number of days until this hellish nightmare is over.  Also, he went onto my Venice Scoop Facebook page and strongly argued his case against the individuals that were not too happy with the signage.


His latest message on the sign points towards prosperity heading to the right, as indicated by the arrow and Clinton is pointing in the opposite direction.  That changes out every eight seconds with a message stating “Proud Deplorable American”.



I did wonder if Dennis was at all concerned about losing business, like the news illustrated with the restaurant in Sarasota.  Well, the restaurant in Sarasota did lose some business, but the owner stated that he has gained more new customers than he has lost.  Since the coverage by the news, the owner has changed the message on the restaurants signage.

Dennis is not to concerned about losing business though.  Basically it does not matter if your political views are left or right, when you are sitting in a jail cell and wanting to get bailed out, people tend to forget about politics and look for the first helping hand.


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