How my sample ballot voting looks as of today



How my sample ballot voting looks as of today

by Frankie S. Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report


I was asked yesterday about certain candidates and so here is the direction I will be voting, as of today.

  • City of Venice Mayor – Frankie S. Abbruzzino (non-partisan)
  • President – Trump (R). With reservations.  Definitely no to Hillary.  Gary is not a libertarian; he is a rhino that stole the ticket.  Jill – I like some of her stuff, but a vote for her is a vote for Hillary. Like I said, I have reservations with Trump and to be honest, I am amazed that a country with over 300 million people can only come up with these four.
  • Senator – Rubio (R). With reservations.  Rubio is horrible, but some of his opponents views are to progressive for me.
  • Congress District 17 Tom Rooney (R)
  • State Senate – Stuebe (R) we reservations. His opponent is way to progressive and I am not sold on Greg.
  • State Rep – Julio Gonzalez (R) with reservations. Not a fan of privatizing SRQ Memorial
  • Clerk of Circuit Court – Karen Rushing (R)
  • Tax Collector – Jim Bender (R). Like that he is fighting for term limits.  Barb has been there for over 30 years.
  • County Commissioner- Fredd Atkins (D) I just enjoyed his presentation and he seemed to interested in showing some love to us S. County folks.
  • Amendments
    • 1 – No
    • 2 – Yes
    • 3 – Yes
    • 5 – yes
  • City of Venice referendums
    • Public Safety – No. To many issues with how the council pushed this out, without enough information or all their ducks in a row
    • Roads Bond – Yes. I am trying to go through the numbers, to see if the council messed up as much as they did on public safety, so this may change.

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