Man admits to using syringe to spray his semen on women  


Man admits to using syringe to spray his semen on women | New York Post

A man was arrested for allegedly filling syringes with his own semen, then terrorizing several women at an Ohio Wal-Mart by spraying them with it, according to a police report.

Timothy Blake, 28, was charged with pandering obscenity, sexual imposition and two counts of menace by stalking after two female customers complained of a man following them around the Marietta, Ohio, superstore and squirting them with a “sticky” substance, according to CBS News.

Surveillance footage from the two incidents showed the suspect getting into a pickup truck belonging to the oilfield company where Blake worked. Two days after the second incident, police spotted the truck while Blake was on his way to dinner with his wife.

Originally, Blake claimed the white substance in question was egg yolks mixed with flour — a concoction he said he learned to make on the internet. But he later admitted it was his own semen after an officer told him they had run tests on the substance.

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