Major Media Continues To Push The Leftest Narrative


Major Media Continues To Push The Leftest Narrative

By Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report


Everybody probably heard about the Khan family.  You know, the same family that CNN ran “Khizr KHan:  Trump has a ‘Black Soul’.  No mention of Hillary lacking a moral compass or empathy when she went into Libya and killed hundreds of Muslims with air attacks.  Remember her famous statement “We came, we saw, we killed”.  No, only Trump as a black soul because he wants to stop immigration of Muslims from extremist areas, until a proven vetting system is in place.  Oh that is right, not a total ban of all Muslims.

Here is a video of his speech:

The Khan’s are the parents of a Muslim soldier that was slain fighting in the Iraq War in 2004.  He moved to the national spot light after being used as a political pawn for the DNC.  He pulled out the pocket constitution during the DNC and asking Trump if he wanted to borrow it and learn more about it.  Well I should say just the husband spoke because like most wives in the Muslim faith, she was only there to stand by her husband and not speak.  Why not just throw a Burqa on her…………….

Trump came out and stated that he valued the service and sacrifice that their son gave for the nation.  He believes that Captain Khan is an American hero, like all the other Gold Star families.   Yet Mr. Kahn stated “Donald Trump consistently smears the character of Muslims.”  It was an effective political stunt that Hillary pulled out of her bags of tricks.

After Khan decided to attack Trump beyond the politicized DNC speech, Trump decided to defend himself.  Well major media will not let a person on the right defend themselves, against this poor family, even if the family is attacking him.  He should just sit there and take it.

So, major media picked up the story and ran with it all over the place.  Every news feed had the video of the Khan family up there rallying against the Trump candidacy.  However, there are some concerns that I have with the coverage that is provided by major media or networks like CNN (The Clinton News Network).

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How many of you noticed that once again Hillary came out this weekend and called the families of the hero’s killed in Benghazi, liars, her use of a private email serve, or the IRS audit into the Clinton Foundation?  This was all covered during an interview with Chris Wallace over the weekend.

Nobody noticed that this took place because major media only covered Trump attacking the poor family and sites like mine were taken down by leftist FB.  This was done to control the narrative, so that people will only hear about Trump and not Hillary, which essentially did the same damn thing as Trump this weekend.

See for yourself:

During her interview, Clinton did not appreciate the continuing questions revolving around the attack in Benghazi, which led to the death of four Americans.  Wallace accused Clinton of having “never talked about terrorism” when she addressed the nation following the attack, and questioned why family members of some of the Americans killed would accuse her of saying the assault wasn’t attributable to terrorism.

Yes, once again she called the Benghazi families liars.  They are all lying, when they state the communications that Hilary had with them.  Who do we believe?  The grieving family or a known compulsive liar?

Why is it that major media was ok with picking up and running wild with the Khan story, where Trump called them out, after they politically inaccurately attacked him?  Isn’t their situation basically the same as the Benghazi families?  Each family lost a loved one.  Each family has politicized the death of their sons.  Both families have been attacked by  Trump and/or Hillary.  Yet, major media only pushed the narrative that Trump is some evil person for attacking the poor Khan family.

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That is the issue that concerns me the most, when it comes to censorship by left leading social media sites, such as twitter and Facebook.

Take my site for example.  I had a reach of 2-5 million a month w my Scoop National News page, depending on the news cycle.  I put out stories about both candidates, but I mostly call out Hillary because of my many concerns with her.  My site has nowhere near the reach of the major media sites, but it has a significant reach.  So, Facebook working in cahoots with the left, shuts down my site without any due process.  Nothing……..  They gave me some BS logic about a name change that happened over a year ago and trying to get more likes.  This was all shot down, especially since my fan base has dropped and not grown by 60k, since changing the format.

No, what they are doing is silencing my voice and blocking me from effectively communicating the way major media pushes stories that are negative on Trump.  It is the cumulative effect too, not just my site.  Twitter shut down Milo’s site on Twitter, which had one of the largest Twitter followings out there.  Milo is a gay conservative writer with Breitbart, which is a news site that pushes right leaning views.  They shut him down because trolls were on his page making racist comments and he did not censor them.  Really?

They say that they shut mine down over an illogical reason that makes no sense, however it was truly an attack by Black Lives Matter.  At the time of my shut down, I put out a rouge rant that was critical of BLM and referred to them as a group that has been taken over by extremist elements.  Also, I put out several articles critical of them and their attacks on police officers.  The next thing you know; I have several of their members reporting my page as racist.  This triggered alarm bells through FB’s automated system and they shut me down.  Of course, they deny this because FB does not want to be seen as pushing their leftist agenda.

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You can see my rogue rant at:

Pew Research came out with a survey, which found that 60% of people get their news from social media (  Yes, sites like mine.  So, from a left leaning FB point of view, they need to shut down right leaning sites, so that they do not drown out the leftist narrative that they want out there.

media-control6As Americans we have to demand more from major media and from social media companies.  This is why so many of us no longer trust the message that is being put out by major media.  It is controlled propaganda.  I have to go through major media sites that are not American owned or based, to try and get to the truth.  To find stories that are important and have an impact on all of us, but are not put out by major media.

I will continue my fight against their censorship and I ask all of you to stand up and demand more from them.  When sites like mine are shut down, act to get them put back up.  You may not agree with the message, but you have to understand that if they can shut down one voice, they can shut down yours.  Freedom of Speech is essential to our democracy and it is slowly slipping away.

Support my quest to get my FB page back, by sending Kim at FB an email at .  Let her know that The Scoop National News at has been unfairly targeted and shut down without due process.   Why you are at it, stop by Zuckerberg’s page and let him know too at









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