Internet Trolls and Their Miserable Ways



Internet Trolls and Their Miserable Ways

By Frankie S. Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report


Did you ever wonder why so many people have to be so bitter and hateful, that they are compelled to bring their misery onto others?  Is it that their life is miserable, that they have to bring others down with them?

I am sitting in the park, just taking some time to myself, thinking about life and what to write my next article on.

Then a lovely individual came onto one of my pages and stated why not help the volunteers clean up, instead of writing an article.  She internet-t was commenting on a post that I put up, complementing the great job the volunteers were doing cleaning up the park.  Obviously a bitter troll with issues and she decided to take her misery out on me.

Why in God’s name would someone come onto a public page and make such an asinine statement?  Especially when most of the people within this community know how much time I put into the Scoop pages that have helped a countless number of people?

While sitting here and thinking, I had a few individuals come up to me and tell me how grateful they are for my pages.  How my articles have connected the dots and giving them an understanding of how things work in our lovely city.  How they appreciate the awareness I am bringing to issues like drugs and crime, versus being like other media sources that only choose to paint a rosy picture of paradise in Venice.

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So I ask you, what is more important?  Me pulling weeds or bringing awareness in the information war to the fine residents of Sarasota County?

Perhaps this individual is right.  Perhaps I should take the only couple hours I have to myself in a seven-day work week and pull weeds.  That makes all the sense in the world to me……………..  Actually it does not and I am being facetious.

At least this individual gave me something to opine about on this awesome day out here.

Yes, I had a bit of writer’s block, but this troll has given me a subject to write about, as I sit out here and enjoy this beautiful day

It does bring to issue the annoying little problem of internet trolls.

Troll here, troll there, trolls are everywhere.

You know, those individuals that sow discord on the Internet.  Going to great lengths to upset a person they don’t even know.  To start internet-trollarguments by posting ridiculous comments.  What do they wish to achieve by posting inflammatory statements or extraneous comments on a public page? Is their life so terrible, that the only way to find happiness is to post a comment that will deliberately provoke others for their enjoyment?

Ah yes, the lovely internet troll.  Where would social media be without them?

If only there was a solution to rid society of the internet troll, like we have for all pesky little bugs, flies, and other annoyance’s in life.  Yes, the internet needs something similar to a can of raid, that we can just click a button and the troll disappears into obscurity.

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We do have the ever loving ban button.  However, that only inflames them more and they will wage their war of annoyance on other sites.  You can block them, but all that does is bullet proof you from their annoying ways.  It does not stop them from continuing their campaign of hate to others.

Yes, we need an internet troll can of raid option and social media would be all the better for it.

Until then we have to learn to accept these individuals that live in such misery and hope that they get the help they need.


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