Healthcare: Which Fix Should We Follow?


Healthcare: Which Fix Should We Follow? – New American

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In the Great Healthcare Debate, accusations fly from every corner: “You’re cruel!” “You’re stupid!” “Healthcare is a human right!” “Health insurance only helps insurance executives!” “It’s unfair to the poor!” “They’ll die without preventive screening!” “Doctors are already over-providing care!” “Costs are too high!” “Rationing is wrong!” “All healthcare systems ration, just by different methods!” “Children should not suffer because their parents are poor!” And so on.

It’s very difficult to make an informed decision about what course the United States should follow in its search for a healthcare plan that people can live with — both literally and figuratively live with — because there are many proposed plans; everyone has statistics to back their particular plans; it is a very complicated subject; and people can’t even agree on the definition of the word “fair.” But it is possible to dissect competing claims, by listing what a proper healthcare system should accomplish and checking to see which of the proposed solutions comes nearest to meeting the ideals. And there really are only a handful of main features that should be included in the makeup of an ideal healthcare system.

Here are the features people would want. How best can they be achieved?


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