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Frankie S. Abbruzzino For Mayor – City of Venice

Giving the residents of Venice a voice in government

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This is Frankie S. Abbruzzino with my analysis of last nights forum between Mayor Holic and myself. 10.11.16



City of Venice Mayoral Candidate Forum – Venetian Golf 2016 (video)

Frankie S. Abbruzzino covering why the City of Venice needs controllable and sustainable growth.


This is Francesco Saverio Abbruzzino and I am live on The Srq Review – WSRQ, covering my platform as I try to send Mayor Holic of Venice packing.

I touched on:

* Development and growth

* Honesty and integrity – You can find the links and information on Mayor Holic and how he handled the AG Edwards issue at…/mayoralendorsement2010.htm. For the issue that Donne brought up about Dave Anderson, go to:
– My article at…/

* Prioritizing spending

* A variety of issues



I cover a conversation with some individuals regarding their growth concerns and the need to get involved.I touched briefly on cost factors for marking a campaign. Venice Print Centeris offering me a great deal, but even with that deal the cost is expensive. I am looking for better ways to market the campaign, based upon the minimal amount of donations that have come into the campaign.

Weekly message on getting flyers and having me speak at a forum.

——————————————————————————————–This video covers my platform on numerous issues impacting Venice. I have put out a few articles on this, but here is a video where I cover:* The comp plan re-write/growth/infrastructure/view on changing zoning for development
* Hamilton building
* Garage/parking
* Hotels on the island
* Affordable housing
* Trolley
* Budget
* VPD and VFD station repairs & pensions
* VFD merger
* View on new museum
* View on the library
* Tax increases – property value increase, 50 cent per $1,000 assessed value increase, tax to work on the roads, and the tax for a new police station.
* My management style and view of the city employee.
* Town Halls and making decisions based upon majority and not a few activist or businesses.


My thoughts on how to attract new businesses to Venice


My rogue rant on affordable housing.



My recent articles, revolving around the City of Venice:

As I have said several times on my Scoop pages, I have been asked to run for Mayor by a few movers and shakers in Venice, in addition to influential groups.  I asked them to continue trying to find a candidate for the position and if they fail to find one, then I will run.  Well, they called me out and here I am today announcing my run for Mayor – City of Venice.  I am primarily doing this for two reasons:
  • I am not a fan of politicians running unopposed or walking into office. I remember when Mayor Holic ran for a 2nd term, he prefaced that this was the city saying he was doing a great job and to stay on track.  In reality, it was the fact that the salary is so low, that most people cannot serve the office and pay their bills at the same time.  Hence why most of the Mayors are the retired residents of Venice.  Well, the Mayor is running for a third term and I have concerns with career politicians running unopposed.  Does everyone remember just a few weeks ago, all the career politicians that just walked into office unopposed at the county level?
  • The residents of Venice need fresh blood within the City Council and also sitting behind the Mayor’s desk. An individual that will look out for the interests of the entire city and not simply the interest of a threeblock area on the island.  By putting my name into the hat, it will force Mayor Holic to actually get out there and work to keep his position.
My Candidacy Announcement Video:
Being a very nontraditional person — and not a politician — I am not going to run the conventional campaign.  My campaign will focus more on bringing attention to the concerns that the majority of residents share.  In regards to how I will run my campaign:
  • Contributions. I tried to avoid taking them, but there has been so much interest in supporting this movement, that I have decided to accept contributions.  For more information go to:  Donations
  • By running for Mayor – City of Venice, I will basically be serving for free. I will have to take the minimal salary provided and hire an assistant for my company.  So, I am not doing this to get rich.
  • Marketing my candidacy.
    • I will post videos on different issues on my scoop pages, which I will try to keep at 5 minutes.
    • If I share an article covering a city related issue, I may opine with my thoughts.
    • If I am out and about, I will shake some hands. I am just not planning on going doorto-door or putting signs out.  There are too many rules for sign placement and, to be honest, the last two council members beat the incumbents that put out signs out everywhere….
    • Interviews – As most of you know, I interview individuals on the radio when I work the show and on my Scoop pages. Since The Scoop probably has a greater reach in Venice, versus the other news outlets, any interviews will be at a minimum.  My message will get communicated much more effectively through my pages. mayor-2-300x200-1-545
  • Not the PC politician, not even a politician. If you watch my rogue rants or know me, you know I am by no means a PC person.  I call it the way I see it.  Individuals should elect people that share mutual interest.  I do not expect people to agree with me on everything, but the person you elect should be in alignment with your strongest interests.  Below is where I stand on some of the issues that impact our fine city.
  • Growth.  I think you all know that I am against all the growth that we have seen in Venice.  Something that the Mayor has no issue approving.  Yes, this position just lost me the vote of some influential people in town, so I need a real grass roots effort out there.
    • My article on the developers Continue To Run Wild On The Island Of Venice, With Rezoning Request Getting Rubber Stamped And Rammed Through The City

The Rogue Rant – We Need Smart, Controlled, & Sustainable Growth Within Sarasota County. 

  • Venice Fire Department (VFD)
    • Pensions.  Previous politicians have promised these guys X amount in pension. It may have been right or wrong, but that point is moot.  I believe we have to stick to the promised amount or fairly negotiate with the VFD.  It may break the bank, but this is an issue that the Mayor and other politicians have ignored and now it has ballooned out of control.  I have an excellent relationship with the VFD and I believe we can work together to find common ground.
    • Under the city or county. This has already been decided but, like the garage concept, it will keep popping up.  Unless I get some good info, they are staying under the city.
    • New fire trucks and building repairs. The Mayor and the other council members have progressed at a snail’s pace, when it comes to purchasing new fire trucks (did purchase one) or repairing a few of the VFD buildings.  Unfortunately, the council kicked the can down the road, hoping that the county would take over the VFD.  Well it did not happen and after years of inaction, it is an issue that the next City Council will have to resolve.  No more kicking the can.
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  • The city puts out a ton of money on consultants.   A good example is the consultant that was hired to see if we should go from two to one pick up a week.  The city employees reviewed it and found that once a week will not save money and that the city should stick to pick-up’s twice a week.  City Council did not like this, so they hired consultant for over 30k.  The consultant came up w the same analysis and the city wasted thousands of dollars.  I will trust the city employees to figure this stuff out, that is what they are there for………  Unless it is something that is real technical, like a parking study.  Since we have already paid a consultant for a couple of these and did not follow their results, I don’t think there would be another study anytime soon.   Remember the whole back in parallel parking………  How about Centennial Park.  A consultant was hired for the master park plan.  His ingenious idea is to convert Centennial into a walking park.  Excuse me, what about parking?  We have a walking park from harbor to the gulf, which barely gets used.   Did we really need another?  If we have to hire a consultant, shouldn’t we make sure that he understands our needs?
    • The Rogue Rant w Francesco Abbruzzino – Use of Consultants By Municipalities (From July 2014).
  • Trolley Service.  Sorry the City Council better approve it before I get there.  I will not be on board with wasting our tax dollars on something that in a trial period cost us over 70k for 6 weeks.
  • City residents and business owners will determine where I go with my decisions. I will not be swayed by business owners alone.  When I say business owners and residents (full and snow birds), I mean the whole City of Venice and not just the three block area on the island.  Then there are the mayor3tourists, which are essential to (and for) our city’s continued success.  One other demographic that we cannot just ignore, as so many council members do, is the nonresidents.  They may not live within the city limits, but most of their kids go to school here within the city.  Many work within the city limits.  Furthermore, many of them spend their hard earned money within the city limits.  So, they should be heard and not ignored.
  • Affordable housing. We need it.  Rental rates are through the roof and out of control.   I hate it when I have to post on the Scoop that a single mother with three kids has no place to live.
  • VPD
    • Police accountability. Regardless of what people say, I am a huge supporter of the police.  However, I am a person that believes if an officer acts beyond their authority, they should receive the appropriate disciplinary action.  A good example is when an officer stopped an individual from handing out Bernie Sanders flyers on the island, stating it was not legal.   I am not a fan of Bernie, but I believe in this persons right to legally put out #feelthebern material.  It was determined through council communications with the City Attorney that it was legal.  In this instance, the public never heard or saw that corrective action was taken.  So, the perception is that the officer got away with violating this person‘s rights.  I would like for them to show more transparency.
    • New Building or Repairs.  I am not happy with the $13,000,000 number that is going out on the bond referendum.  Before putting up a new building, I want to see if we can just repair the issues at the station.  If they are repairable, will the cost be greater than building a new building?  Is the current building beyond repair?  I have to research it a bit more, since the cost is so significant.mayor4
  • Sales tax increase. Something that the Mayor and the majorityof the council was for…….  However, I have concerns with the increase because current city council and Mayor are using it as a crutch instead of working on balancing the budget with the tools they have at their disposal.  For example, why wouldn’t they use the 1.44 million from the Deepwater Horizon settlement towards balancing the budget, versus spending that money on frivolous pet projects?  Now they want to tax the residents an additional .50 per $1,000 on their increased property values.  This tax and the higher property values will
    bring the city an additional 2.5 million over last year.  Still it is not enough.  They cut a ton of programs and they want us to consider tow bond increases (loans to the city).  This will cost each home owner $28 annually, per $10,000 property value for the next 20 years.  The bond is for repaving the roads and a new police station, both issues that we must deal with and both issues that have been ignored as the Mayor and the other council members kicked the can down the road.  Bottom line is that the city sat on these issues, versus dealing with them early on and head on, which is costing us the tax payers more money down the road.  Certain council members are too busy driving around and taking pictures, versus doing what they were elected for………………
  • Revitalizing Seaboard.  The mayor wants to turn this area into a river walk, like in Bradenton.  I oppose this concept.  Do we want to continue his drive towards being a tourist attraction or dowe want to control the growth?


My rant on standing up and affecting change: 
Find out who is contributing to the Mayor and my campaign at


  • BS in Business Management – University of Maryland
  • USN – Served four years and received an honorable discharge
  • 8 years with GTE in sales and sales management
  • Business owner of Bella Cesca International (medical consulting)
  • The Scoop News – covering local Sarasota Count, national, and international issues.
  • Married to Lisa for 26 years, together for 31 years
  • Two daughters: Isabella who starts at USF this year and Francesca who is at VHS
  • Been a part of Venice since 1982
  • Graduated from VHS in 1985
If I win great.  If I do not win, so be it.  At least I made a point and got our message out, which is my goal.
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