Four Ways To Better Ensure That You See My Uncensored Report (Scoop News) Threads In Your Facebook Feeds

Four Ways To Better Ensure That You See My Uncensored Report (Scoop News) Threads In Your Facebook Feeds

by Francesco Abbruzzino, The uncensored Report

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s been somewhat of a furor recently surrounding an apparent epidemic of “Fake News” and attempts to clamp down on the proliferation of it.

So, social networks have jumped into action to vet what they deem as unreliable content.

Facebook will be forwarding stories to fact checking organizations when enough of their users flag a story as fake.  This has happened to me on my Scoop National News with over 275k fans.  I upset BLM with some postings and they rallied their forces, to constantly report my postings.  Without any due process, Facebook unpublished the page and will not respond to my repeated request to re-publish it.  Basically, if a feed fails the to meet their tests, the organization declares the story “disputed,” a mark that appears whenever it is shared on Facebook.

Facebook has changed their algorithm to a user oriented news feed.  That means smaller news sites will take a hit.

To combat this, you have a few options.

  1. Go to “News Feed” on the top left of the Facebook home page and clicking on “…” to the right of “news fee”.   Change it from “Top Stories” to “Most Recent,” .  This will permit a more varied selection of stories to be seen by users.
  2. Then click on the “edit preferences”, just below where you checked “most recent”.  That will bring up a screen, like the one you see below.  You can put a start on 30 of the pages, that you like.  Just click on it and a start will appear, as show below.
  3. The third way is to go directly to a page, like The Scoop News.  Hover your mouse over the “follow” button.   Click that button, so that it states following.  Then click “see first” under “in the news feed” and “all on”, under the notifications.
  4. Lastly, you can just book mark the page and go directly there, just by clicking the book mark.  First go to the web site that you want to book mark:  For national news – and for local Sarasota County news –  Just click on the star to the far right of the address, as show below.  Name it “Scoop News” and put folder as “bookmark bar”.  Then it will show up on your book mark bar, as seen below. 
Read this Uncensored Report Story:   Report: US Airstrikes Slaughter 230 Innocent Civilians in a Single Night in Mosul

Facebook’s micromanaging of what is filtered onto our home pages, will only result in people existing in a feedback loop.  Facebook likes it when everyone’s Facebook feeds are tailored into a safe little bubble.  Then there will be no need for users to access information that arbitrary algorithms.

The real sinister part is the fact that people may not be aware of this censorship and may easily fall prey to furtive manipulation tactics by large corporations. A perfect scenario to keep the mainstream media in the driving seat of disseminating news and opinion – or their own version of it.

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