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An American Story.  An American Hero Denied VA Benefits, Due To Obamacare Salary Caps
By Glen Patrick Wark w assistance of Francesco Abbruzzino – The Uncensored Report
April 1st I was laid off from my job.v
April 23 of this year my mother passed.
July 1 my Cobra insurance expired.
They say that bad things come in threes.
I have a lot of love and support of family, and felt that this was a bump in the road.

Last week I checked into the VA due to some bleeding. I showed up at the VA with my Air Force awards, and DD214 showing that I am a war time veteran. They admitted me immediately. They took my blood, gave me an EKG, and gave me a Cat Scan. They diagnosed me with colitis, prescribed me antibiotics, and sent me home. After a week on antibiotics, the symptoms worsened, and the bleeding was heavier. I returned to the emergency room last Sunday.
The VA went through the same process of checking my blood, EKG, Cat Scan, and colonoscopy.
This time the Cat Scan and colonoscopy revealed a 5cm tumor in my colon. They ordered a biopsy which proved to be cancerous.
 The lead surgeon then ordered a Pet Scan and ultrasound to assure the cancer had not spread throughout my body.
Per God’s grace, the cancer had not spread. The lead surgeon told me through chemo and radiation that we can shrink the tumor, and remove it without colon reconstruction surgery. I was ecstatic, and myself and family around me were crying tears of joy. I have a lot of life to live!

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Yesterday, upon discharge from the VA, I received a phone call from VA Admissions. They told me that I needed to see them immediately. I was then informed that I am not eligible for VA care.
They said that I made more than $41,000 last year, and per the new Obamacare law, I’m ineligible for VA coverage.

My plea that I am a war time veteran and have a cancer growing inside of me fell on deaf ears. All that I was told was to apply for coverage on, and have a nice life.

What has this nation come to when an illegal immigrant can cross our borders and receive free healthcare, but a veteran who signed his life in  service of his country cannot?

Since when has success, prosperity, and the pursuit of the American Dream become a curse to US citizens?

We have two poor choices to choose from in the November’s elections.
I’m selecting the candidate who will put American lives first. This feel good, progressive liberalism being shoved down our throats is a vote to further give away our nation, and screw the citizens who have paid into the system their whole lives.

For the first time in my life, I’m not proud to be an American. The sad part is there are those that would call me a racist due to the piece of crap known as Obamacare.

Don’t strive for success and prosperity young ones. Your efforts and savings will only be taken from you and used for someone else less motivated.
God bless America!

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