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Frankie S. Abbruzzino For Mayor – City of Venice      Giving a voice to the residents of Venice


Frankie S. Abbruzzino For Mayor – City of Venice

Giving the residents of Venice a voice in government

If you need to contact the campaign:

  • Lisa Abbruzzino – Campaign Manager.  Yes, my wife has decided to put some of her many things that she does on hold, to manage the campaign.  She will be your contactt regarding volunteering, contributions, questions, setting up speeches and all that good stuff.
  • Frankie S. Abbruzzino – Candidate
  • Donations – Click here if you want to support my campaign for change.

I really did not want to take in any money, but for some reason I am not seen as a serious candidate without taking money to put out signs, flyers, shirts, ect………

I have received so many request and offers of support, so I am going to prepare a page for it. I am bit slow because like my scoop pages, I am doing everything myself, while running my very busy medical consulting company.

If anybody has the ability to make posters, shirts, or flyers at a steep discount; have them contact me at

I must preface something right up front. DON’T EXPECT TO INFLUENCE OR GET ANY SPECIAL FAVORS. I AM TRANSPARENT WITH MY PLATFORM, SO IF YOU SUPPORT IT THEN CONTRIBUTE. Since I am basically going to pay to be the Mayor (have to hire an assistant w the salary +), individuals should realize it is not about padding my pockets with money.

One of my biggest issues with government is that they are not completely transparent. They say they are by putting out notices in the back of rarely read papers or on their site, which rarely gets visited. With my campaign, it will all be transparent and if I get elected I will make sure that public meetings for tax increases or cutting developer impact fees in half, are put out on sites like the scoop.

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Regarding your donations, they will be spent as follows:

  • Signage
  • flyers
  • mailers
  • campaign manger
  • Any money left over will be donated to Good Samaritan Health in Nokomis.  They offer FREE medical and pharmaceutical care to low income individuals.

My understanding is that all donations have to be gone within so many days of a win or loss. So, I need some ideas for charities. Personally I am leaning towards donating the left over money to Good Samaritan Pharmacy and Health Services so that they can continue to offer FREE clinical and pharmaceutical services to the people in need.

**** When sending donations please remember the maximum amount to give is $1000.00 and you must include your name, address, phone number and occupation***

Donate via a credit card:

You can just mail a check to me at:

To Mail a contribution to:  Campaign of Frankie S. Abbruzzino, 1139 Ketch Ln, Venice, FL 34285

Click here for a downloadable (PDF) version of the precinct map

Get registred to vote for me by Online Voter Registration Form

Find out how much the Mayor and I have taken in contributions and from the sources.  Find out who is contributing to the Mayor and my campaign at


Below are the rules for contributing to campaigns.

Chapter 10: Contributions A contribution is:

  • A gift, subscription, conveyance, deposit, loan, payment or distribution of money or anything of value made for the purpose of influencing the results of an election or making an electioneering communication. These include contributions in-kind, having an attributable monetary value in any form;
  • A transfer of funds between political committees, between electioneering communications organizations, or between any combination of these groups;
  • The payment, by any person other than a candidate, of compensation for the personal services of another person which are rendered to a candidate without charge to the candidate for such services; or
  • The transfer of funds by a campaign treasurer or deputy campaign treasurer between a primary depository and a separate interest-bearing account or certificate of deposit. The term includes any interest earned on such account or certificate.
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The exceptions are:

  • Services provided without compensation by individuals volunteering a portion or all of their time on behalf of a candidate including, but not limited to, legal and accounting services;
  • Editorial endorsements.
  • IMPORTANT: The law provides no exceptions for reporting contribution information, regardless of the size of the contribution (e.g., the reporting requirements would be the same for a 50 cent contribution as for a $500 contribution). (Section 106.011(5), F.S.)

In-kind contributions are anything of value made for the purpose of influencing the results of an election. The exceptions are:

  • Money;
  • Personal services provided without compensation by individual volunteers;
  • Independent expenditures, as defined in Section 106.011(5), F.S.; or
  • Endorsements of three or more candidates by affiliated party committees or political parties. (Section 106.011, F.S.; and Division of Elections Opinion 04-06)
  • Any person who makes an in-kind contribution shall, at the time of making the contribution, place a fair market value on the contribution. In-kind contributions are subject to contribution limitations. Travel conveyed upon private aircraft shall be valued at the actual cost of per person commercial air travel for the same or a substantially similar route. (Section 106.055, F.S., and Division of Elections Opinion 09-08)

Loans – Loans are considered contributions and are subject to contribution limitations. Loans to or from each person or political committee must be reported together with names, addresses, occupations, and principal places of business, if any, of the lenders and endorsers, including the date and amount of each loan on the campaign treasurer’s report.

All personal loans exceeding $500 in value, made to a candidate and used for campaign purposes and made in the twelve months preceding his or her election to office, must be reported on Forms DS-DE 73 and 73A, Campaign Loans Report, and filed with the filing officer within ten days after being elected to office.

Cash Contributions A candidate may not accept an aggregate cash contribution or contribution by means of a cashier’s check from the same contributor in excess of $50 per election. A money order or traveler’s check is not considered cash.

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Debit and Credit Card Contributions A candidate may accept contributions via a credit card or debit card. These contributions are categorized as a “check” for reporting purposes. (Division of Elections Opinions 94-02 and 00-03)

Contribution Limits for Candidates IMPORTANT:

Except for political parties or affiliated party committees, no person or political committee may make contributions in excess of: (1) $3,000 to a candidate for statewide office or for retention as a justice of the Supreme Court. Candidates for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor on the same ticket are considered a single candidate for the purpose of this section; (2) $1,000 to a candidate for retention as a judge of a district court of appeal; a candidate for legislative office; a candidate for multicounty office; a candidate for county-wide office or in any election conducted on less than a countywide basis; or a candidate for county court judge or circuit judge. The primary and general elections are separate elections. (See Glossary for the definition of “person.”) (Section 106.08(1)(a) F.S.)

These limits do not apply to contributions made by a state or county executive committee of a political party or affiliated party committee regulated by Chapter 103, F.S., or to amounts contributed by a candidate to his own campaign. The contribution limits do not apply to individuals seeking election to a political party executive committee because they are not “candidates.”

Foreign Contributions Federal law prohibits contributions from foreign nationals to any federal, state, or local candidate, unless the foreign national possesses a green card. Further information can be accessed by contacting the Federal Election Commission at 1-800-424-9530 or on their website at

2016 Deadlines for Accepting Contributions Any contribution received by a candidate with opposition in an election, or the campaign treasurer or deputy campaign treasurer, on the day of that election or less than five days prior to the day of that election must be returned to the contributor. It may not be used or expended by or on behalf of the candidate. (See Appendix B for 2016 Deadlines)

For more information on contributions, go to



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