Doctor: Trendiness of Transgenderism Is Driving Teens Toward It

Doctor: Trendiness of Transgenderism Is Driving Teens Toward It – New American

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According to an Australian expert on gender, children are being over-diagnosed as transgender as most will either outgrow the phase in which they are experiencing gender confusion or are simply “trying out being transgender” for attention because it is “trendy.”

Psychiatrist Stephen Stathis states that up to three-fourths of young patients who “present with gender variant interests and behaviors, or are gender diverse” will grow out of that phase and will not require treatment.

“You might get a six- or seven-year-old girl wanting to dress as a boy,” he said. “She may even say she wants to be a boy. When she hits puberty, she says, ‘No, I’m just a girl who likes to do boy things.”

This statement of Stathis is in line with what several other scientists have said about transgenderism in children. Many children will be confused about gender at some point in their lives but will outgrow their confusion. Unfortunately, many of those children will be misdiagnosed as transgender and will be administered hormone treatments before they’ve had the opportunity to get through that confusing period.


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