Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary.  A Good Or Bad Idea?


Photo: Big Cat Sanctuary

Photo: Big Cat Sanctuary


Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary.  A Good Or Bad Idea?

by Frankie Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report


There has been a lot of concern, regarding the Big Cat Habitat exhibit at the Venice Christmas Parade, this past weekend.

One concern is posting them doing the dirty deed, but you will see far more graphic videos of this on animal shows and apparently at parades.  So, I have no issue with putting this video up on the internet.   This was only a concern for a very select few, that apparently live very sheltered liveslion-handsome-clayton-rosaire-04.

The overwhelming concern was with caging the animals up.  I remember when I first saw them in a cage at one of the festivals, which take place on the airport grounds.  I too was very concerned with it because like most of you, I don’t like to see animal’s caged up.  That is one of the reasons I don’t promote or attend the circus.

I have since researched the Big Cat Habitat and found that Kay Rosaire may be doing the right thing.

She began rescuing big cats in 1987. Big Cat Habitat became a non-profit in 2005 and became a full sanctuary with the goal of rescuing exotic cats and other native and exotic wildlife in need of a permanent home. Big Cat Habitat provides education to the public to foster appreciation of the animals and impart the importance of habitat preservation. Our commitment is for their lifetime, which is more than 20 years double their normal life span in the wild. (big cat)

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There are 3 large indoor/outdoor housing complexes with adjoining exercise habitats, and we are continuing to expand. Each habitat has a swimming pool, toys and palm trees to provide the emotional enrichment that maintains optimal mental and physical health. (big cat)

They do bring them out to events like the parade and festivals, as an opportunity to show the public what they are doing and what they are all about.  It is

for a just a couple hours and it helps them raise money, so that these animals with a sanctuary.  Without this sanctuary the animals may not have a place to go and their fate may be much worse.

Photo: Big Cat Sanctuary

Photo: Big Cat Sanctuary

Now the big question that many of you will debate is, what is best for these animals.  Basically there appears to be only two options:

  • Spending their remaining years in a large cage with people that really care for them.
  • Do nothing and have the animals put down.

From what I have researched and heard about this organization, I think this may be the only viable option.  What say you Sarasota County?

For more information on The Big Cat Sanctuary, visit their site at:

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