An Ariz. school banned her Black Lives Matter T-shirt. So she boycotted her school.  


An Ariz. school banned her Black Lives Matter T-shirt. So she boycotted her school.

by Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report

Mariah Havard

i woke up this very morning knowing that it’s picture day for my school we all know as Buckeye Union High School – BUHSD #201. I get dressed and put on my BLM shirt and I walk out the door and join the other students on the bus. I walk into school and search for somewhere to sit until I reach a bench in front of the office. A security guard then asks me to follow him into the office and as I do so he then tells me to sit down in front of the principals office. I sit and wait for the principal and when he finally walks up and tells me to go see Ms.Whitman our vice principal. I walk into her office and I sit and listen on how she tells me that my shirt is creating a disruption in the learning of education, she then tells me that I am not allowed to wear the shirt that means a great deal to me and my African American friends. She then walks out of the office and hands me a white shirt that’s meaningless and non political and has nothing to do for what I’m standing for. I heard her loud and clear but I do plan to continue wearing my shirt. The reason why I apparently can’t wear this shirt is because on Friday , August 19th I got into a argument with a young caucasian boy who said “black lives don’t matter” and “that shirt is meaningless” #blacklivesmatter

add on: while wearing the shirt I have been verbally attacked MANY times, I never meant to imply because black lives matter others don’t! On top of that while attending buckeye i’ve seen a young lady who wore a confederate flag shirt that clearly supports racism, the creator of the confederate flag in his own words said, “As a people we are fighting to maintain the heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race”. People are so quick to say all lives matter when I say black lives matter, your alm movement is just derailing blm trying to imply that police brutality in poc communities are an illusion! At this point i’m starting to believe theirs a problem with the word black? it must be since they don’t teach us about black people in school or tell me that me standing for my people against police brutality is ” disruptive in a learning environment”.

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